When envisioning your family’s dream home, where do you see yourself? The big dream used to be one where you own a house and lot, but the current state of real estate, more and more families are considering high-rise living.


The real estate industry is developing at a fast-pace to meet the changing priorities of today’s modern people. Of course, people will always want their own house, but there is a growing demand for condominiums. The offer of affordable luxury living is extremely attractive after all. But contrary to popular belief, condo living is not just for young professionals. More and more families are choosing condos for their convenience and affordability.

The perks of living in a condo

Many people think that retirees and young people are better suited for condo living, but families can definitely enjoy the perks of high-rise living. Space is no longer a big concern as more condos adapt to the needs of a growing family.

In choosing a condo that suits your family’s needs, here are some things for you to consider:

1. Location
One of the main reasons why families choose to live in condos is for the convenience the locations offer. Because condos are built in strategic locations, family members can be closer to where they work or go to school. Most of these properties are close to malls, supermarkets, and other recreational areas as well. Some condos even have their own malls, which can really save families the time and the stress of the commute.

2. Security
Families can also rest easy with the security features available in condos. Condos are typically well-guarded, with security guards, receptionists, and doormen in the property. If you want additional security in your unit, you can easily talk to the management about additional locks or other security features.

3. Space and amenities
We tend to think of condos as a place more suited for young professionals, but new developments are made to be more family-friendly. These properties have more bedrooms and amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, gaming areas, and so on. Space is not much of a concern as more condos provide plenty of moving room in gardens and open spaces.

4. Price
While price is a major factor in the buying process, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding point. After all, you’re investing on something for your whole family. Aside from the price, also think about what your family members prefer and need.